Donna Davis is an author, host, and master storyteller. Having spent nearly two decades as a television news anchor and reporter, she loves to tell an intriguing tale.

     In addition to her television experience, Donna's  most recent work is the hilariously funny, yet incredibly provocative book, Confessions Of A Peppermint Pattie:Why I Really Am Black Enough Already, Yall.

     It's a collection of anecdotes and commentary inspired by her insanely funny family, fascinating time as a journalist, and distinctly Southern upbringing.  It is a book about race in America, individuality, and unity, as she attempts to simply be a well rounded, successful human being. Though controversial, it is a book with something to offer everyone.

     Under the umbrella of her company PhoenixGirl Entertainment, Donna is also in the process of developing a wickedly dark television series, writing a book about spirituality, and penning a third book about her favorite subject... Dogs.

     Donna lives with her husband, her  teenage son, her two dogs, and her mother's two dogs as often as she can kidnap them.

     She hopes to entertain, inspire and always... enlighten.


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Donna Davis

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