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Donna Davis

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     Donna began her journalism career at WMC news radio in the mid-nineties. She started off as a street reporter and eventually hosted her own talk show. It was an interesting time to cut her teeth as a young reporter and show host during the era of the OJ Simpson trial and the Oklahoma City bombing.

     From there she moved into television, anchoring and reporting in Fresno, and later in Cleveland. Finally, she returned home to Memphis to anchor evening newscasts and shoot special reports for the legacy NBC station there, where she became a fan favorite. During her tenure, she interviewed such notables as Oprah Winfrey, Al Green, and BB King.  She hosted events for the Grammy organization and the National Civil Rights Museum.  She learned at the feet of civil rights giants, and absorbed the rich Blues and Soul music culture of the area.

     After being laid off during the economic crisis, Donna, like many Americans, decided it was time to soar, and chase dreams she never would've chased otherwise. Hence, the name of her company, inspired by the legend of the Phoenix, rising from the ashes to soar to great heights. She decided to start writing and producing content that would make people laugh, make them cry, make them cry while they were laughing, and know that they can always re-invent themselves too.

     Of all the celebrities and notables she's interviewed, the one that remains most special in her heart was during her radio days when she had the privilege of spending time with Mamie Till Mobley, the mother of Emmet Till.  Her ability to forgive, and her resilience in the face of such personal horror and loss have always reminded Donna of the kind of woman she aspires to become.

     She founded PhoenixGirl Entertainment, LLC to tell compelling stories in a fascinating way.